Saturday, May 14, 2005

018: Summertime Blues... (And it's only May...)

School is over for the year for me... Now I need to get a "J.O.B." (I actually have an interview today at a video-game store... I love "retro" games... and some role playing games... and some other games...

It might be fun to work... (And it will make eating easier...)

Also, I'm in the VERY early stages of a novel... It's about some YUCKY stuff that everyone will find offensive and I'll probably have a Religious-Right-Wing hit squad after my ass when the book is finally finished... But really, isn't that the best advertising of all??? (Thanks for the marketing inspiration Mr. Rushdie...)

And, I've spent and enormous amount of time looking at MAIL ART online... I'm going to do some collage/assemblage work this summer (when I'm not writing) and ship some of it off to people I don't know and see if they will send me stuff back...

On that note, I SERIOUSLY need to figure out how to upload graphics to this stupid blog... (I looked into a couple of online "art" sites that I might have wanted to contribute to, but they all want like $60.00 a year or more (or less) in membership fees to use they site space... What happened to the FREE internet I used to think was out there when all you had to do to get a site was make it??? (I remember when Geocities used to be free and didn't have ads and pop-ups all over the place... Those were the glory days... Mid-90s, I think...)

I think that's all for now... I'll add some links to mail art sites and galleries and try to figure out how to put pictures up here as soon as I get around to it... (No promises...)



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