Monday, February 14, 2005

017: Not Suicidal...

I should probably clarify a comment I made in my last blog... The intention of my statement that buying sleeping pills would put an end to my writing career was supposed to suggest that my insomniac tendencies are the reason for my obsession with writing. The obvious double meaning, encouraged by the words "One way or another" that taking a great many sleeping pills will not only kill my insomnia, but the rest of me as well was probably in poor taste, but that's ok... Gallows humor has always been a favorite of mine...

But fear not, you worrisome humans. Suicide is far from my intentions; I have too many people to offend before I die...

And now, just to waste both time and space, I will type a list of some of the songs that I've been listening to today. I suggest you go to Google (or whatever your searchy-thing of choice may be) and look up every band I mention here because that are wonderful... If they weren't wonderful, I wouldn't listen to them...


The Shins - "So Says I"
10cc - "The Things We Do For Love"
The Faint - "Desperate Guys"
The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Nine Million Rainy Days"
Scarehead - "Ha Ha"
The Need - "Pony 4 Honey"
Killing Joke - "Asteroid"
Download - "Omniman"
Moses Williams - "Which Way Did My Baby Go?"
Men Without Hats - "The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix)"
William Orbit - "Water from a Vine Leaf (Acid Bath Mix)"
The Cubby Creatures - "Up Song"
Bright Eyes - "Down in a Rabbit Hole"
H2SO4 - "Cacharelle"
Ultra Vivid Scene - "The Whore of God"
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Water and a Seat" (which is playing now...)
and the I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning CD by Bright Eyes which I just bought this morning... Bright Eyes is excellent, whether he's doing folky, acoustic, almost-country crooning or freaky, electronic, psychotic, gothy rock. I don't care which style he's raping, it's always interesting and his lyrics are ALWAYS thoughtful... Check out the Bright Eyes page on the Saddle Creek website. Then, check out the rest of Saddle Creek Records; almost everything on their label is fantastic...


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