Monday, February 14, 2005

016: Test... Test... Is this thing even ON???

Most of the time, when I'm writing on this blog, I feel like I'm having a conversation with myself... I've never had a comment posted on this site, and the only email that I remember getting about it was from the news-writer who plastered my face all over the Sunday edition of the Daily Nudes... (Ruining a perfectly good paper, and undoubtedly some people's breakfasts as well...)

But, on the OTHER blog that I post to, I get comments all the time. Granted, THAT site has interesting people who write for it and not just one lazy whiner with nothing better to do (but homework...) Still, I find it interesting that, no matter what I write here, I never seem to be getting through to people...

In this spirit of empassioned, yet stifled, expression, I cross posted last night's little exploration of feelings to the Vision? Nary! weblog site, hoping to get a slightly larger audience than the poor little Electric Sedative pulls in.

Amazingly, the very next morning I already have a comment posted, and by the FUROR of V?N! himself, Herr Raffin!!! I shall now reproduce his comments before your very eyes:

It's amazing how much you've toned it down since becoming a city councilman.
I know that some call you a sellout; but I have often suggested to people that they read between the lines. "Is he a sellout?" I ask them, "Or is his mild-mannered conformity a clever ruse, lulling them to sleep snuggled warmly in a blanket of false security- and then he STRIKES."

Yes, it's nice to think that my words-o-wise'dumb are actually reaching out into the real world and doing something that I myself hope to never do again... WORK...

By this I mean that it's satisfying to have someone comment on what I've written. It lets me know that I'm not just spinning into a vacuum like those women in that painting in The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon... As I'm sure that everyone has read the novel, I don't feel I need to comment on this subject any further...

The moral to the story is this: Writing at 1:am is a lonely business, but knowing that at least SOMEONE out there is reading what you've written makes the whole thing worth while... (Or, I could just buy some sleeping pills and put an end to my whole writing career... One way or another...)

Ta!!! And NO, I'm not really on the City Council...


Blogger le penseur said...

fear not, for a comment is here! It's cool, going through and finding random blogs. Enjoy life, man. keep it up. --peace

2:20 PM  

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