Sunday, February 06, 2005

013: Number 13 BABY!!!

There is a song by the Pixies called "Number 13 Baby." I expect that everyone reading this post today will be listening to that song while they read...

Well, the newspaper article came out today... I expected the story to be tucked away, safely, in the "This Day" or "Area News" sections of the paper... BUT NO!!!

Front Page, stop the presses, there's my ugly mug staring out of the cover of the Longview Daily News... Crap... Now all those people that I tried to avoid at my high school reunion are going to know that I eat like a horse and exercise like a statue of one... (That's pretty funny, isn't it???) Oh well...

Besides, now I look more like the Happy Little Buddha that I've always felt myself to be instead of that anorexic skater-punk I always pretend I was... (Once I had a kid I stopped skating as much; it's tough to ollie down five steps while carrying a baby in a carseat... Then I got a car, got a job that actually let me buy FOOD, and then it was all over... Now I'm a stand-in for the Blob when they do 50s sci-fi movies as stage plays at the local theater... I'm hoping to play Jabba the Hutt in the upcoming off-Broadway production of WOOKIES IN LOVE...)

The article was pretty good, (my Grandma seemed happy with it; I actually made the paper without being in the police blotter!) and, as far as I could tell, the only misprint was the fact that they listed my friend Dave's web site as instead of, but that's my fault for not spelling out the address when I mentioned the site to the writer...

So, there it was: My Andy Warhol... My fifteen minutes of fame... My brush with celebrity... And, luckily, I only have one phone line at my house so, by being online all day, no one is going to be able to call and bug me about it! HA!!!

That's it... Chow!!!


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