Thursday, January 27, 2005

008: Post Interview Stress Disorder...

Now that I've done the newspaper interview with that nice young man, Tony Lystra, I suppose it would be prudent to update my blog a bit...

I took a considerable intellectual vacation over the hollowday-season, burn out from a rough semester, but I'm now rejuvenated and ready to spread my own particular brand of chaotic what-not throughout the cyberspace universe... (I wonder; is the cyberspace domain expanding at the same rate as the physical universe??? I'm not science savvy enough to measure that... and besides, I think my tool is broken...)

Ho, ho, ho... (Comedy is difficult.)

Well, my plan, now that I'm expecting a massive influx of new readers (the ranks might swell to somewhere around 15 or 20!!! Not per day, but total... BUT THAT'S STILL A LOT FOR ME!!!!) I need to introduce some new features. My plan is to go through some of the dozens of journals that I have stacked in piles in my sleep-chamber and oozing basement and pluck gingerly from them some of the most interesting materials in my past then display them, exhibitionist style, for all the world to see. Like a free ride through a broken person's subconscious... Buckle up, and keep your hands and arms inside the blog at all times. Brave Raideen Enterprises is not responsible for any injury or creeped-outedness you might experience in the coming entries. If you have a heart condition or experience nausia in supermarkets contact your doctor. Over and out!


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