Thursday, December 02, 2004

006: I'm being watched!!!

I just got an interesting email from a person claiming to be a reporter at a local newspaper. Apparently, he's doing a story on area bloggers and somehow came across one of my blogs... I'm not sure which one he read, but since this is the only one that I'm doing just for me (and not for a class or for another publication) I'm hoping that this is the blog he's had under surveillance.

I sent an email back to this shadowy figure saying that I would meet with him at a public place with plenty of witnesses nearby. We'll see if he takes the bait...

The email that he sent said he was interested in why I write a blog. Why do I "blog?" Have I answered that somewhere in this blog already? I'm going to check...

(Time passes...)

Yep... I did explain why I decided to do this blog in the first entry: Fear of death, exhibitionist tendencies, desire for a time-capsule of my thoughts that I can give to my friends, loved ones, and other weirdoes, and because I'm a write-a-holic. I love writing. It's a bit like singing, or talking out loud to yourself, except, when you're done, it doesn't just float away like spoken or sung words tend to. With writing things tend to hover nearby until the medium you've been writing on is destroyed... That's almost like being permanent (even though I know it's really NOT...)

One of the things that I plan to do with this blog is link to all the strange projects that I have floating around on the web. I've already connected to my hYpertext and to my writing on the Vision? Nary! site, but there are still several up on the web that I haven't mentioned. Here is this weeks important site:

New Wave Graveyard!

"What's a New Wave Graveyard?" you ask? It's a public access television program that the mysterious Mr. Fletcher and I have been working on for far too long. (In 8 months we have officially 16 minutes of the first episode taped. We're hoping to be able to produce the rest of the first show in HALF that time! Fingers crossed, everyone!!!) The idea was that we were bored with most of the music video channels on TV (accept VH1 Classic, but they don't play enough NEW cool videos) so we decided to make our own show. We are hoping that the first episode will air this month. (This is December now, right???) Anyway, check out the site and see yet another project which I've devoted myself to...

That's it for now. I'll keep you updated on my new reporter/stalker as soon as the facts are all in. For now, I'm going to hide in under my bed... Later!


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