Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Neglected... nearly dead...

Well, I haven't been writing in the blog much lately... Too busy finishing up my classes (and, subsequently, my bachelor's degree: Humanities with a concentration in English and cultural studies, and a formal minor in anthropology.) But, I haven't been completely comatose since I finished school. I've read a couple books, (most notably, and most inspirational inducing, Rose Lee Goldberg's Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present.) I've also, finally, updated my M.A.R.S. Project site. Check it out here:

The M.A.R.S. Project

I've done some writing that my friend Dave has included in his cool site:

Vision? Nary!

I've started a new print zine (that I've been mailing to a bunch of people who aren't interested) that you can take a look at here:

Phantom Conversation

And I was convinced by a friend (Mr. Fletcher, who you might remember from some of my DJ flyers as a co-noisemaker from my days at the South Pacific Club) to start a MySpace account. You can access that here:

Me Me Me

So... I guess I haven't been completely lazy... But, still, I haven't done much incidental writing... I'll try to get more of that done... sometime...

That's it for now, though... Cuz I'm going to go read...


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