Monday, July 18, 2005

Today is my 33rd birthday... I have grey hair on the sides of my head... I'm at least 50 pounds over-weight... But HEY! I got the DVD for Jack Black's "School of Rock" and a cool Gameboy game called "Fire Emblem." (Keenan and Carson, my cousin's who are 9 and 11, tell me that what I have is actually the SECOND "Fire Emblem" game, but I thought I had the first. This information was corroberated by Christian, who is 13... I'm too old to keep up with video games, I guess, but I still like to play...) OH, and I got a box of Whoppers, too... Rock! (I can't wait to get back to school though... Working and I just don't get along... And I have to work TONIGHT even! Ucky...) Ummm hmmm... Posted by Picasa


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