Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Beauty" The main image in this collage comes from an old Topps trading card set from 1988 called "DINOSAURS ATTACK!" (based, no doubt on the even older "MARS ATTACKS" set...) I bought a few packs of the dino cards at the Lake Sacajawea Fourth of July festival, I believe the first year that my wife and I got together (1993). The cards were a few years old by then, and the gum that came with the cards was none too fresh, but like a trooper, I chewed it anyway!!! I doubt that I will ever find a complete set of these (I avoid eBay now, thanks to my uncanny ability to spend hundreds of dollars per minute while using that particular service) but I had doubles of this card, so I'm not out anything by using it... Posted by Hello


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