Monday, January 16, 2006

An excellent painting by my 8 year old, Ellie. I love the colors, the texture, and the compositional layout of this picture. (And she spent two days on it. My "Bertrand" painting took about 3 hours... I guess she's more serious about art than I am...) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Skull, Pastels, and Lines." (Acrylic on cardboard.) I love the "Easter" colors mixed with the "Day of the Dead" like figure... (Am I allowed to say I "like" my own painting???) Posted by Picasa

When oh when will I find the time again???

Well, I'm back to school tomorrow... (I get the feeling I've written this already, somewhere... I'll have to check thru' my journals and see which one I'm plagarising from...) PSU is my new school and I'm going to have to get there an hour before class so that I can find a place to park and then walk the 18 blocks (from where I park) to the school...

Because academics are about to reclaim the majority of my processing ability, I don't know (OH!!! I wrote this in the intro to episode four of Phantom Conversation...) when I'm going to have the time to work on any of my art projects again. Painting takes time. Phantom Conversation takes time. The M.A.R.S. Project (even though I'm only the curator and not a contributor) takes time... And I don't know how much of that I'm going to have free until the quarter is over... BUT, my classes look like they are going to be very good: I've got "Philosophy and Literature," "H. G. Wells and Friends," and a contemporary composition class... (Don't make fun, I like this type of thing!!!) Also, I don't know when I'm going to have time to "blog" again... (I still think that sounds more like throwing up after drinking too much than it does typing into a computer... BLOOOOOOGGG... Oh, well... I didn't make it up... I'm "ellipsing" again...)

Ummm... that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll get back to this soon. But don't hold your breath...

I call this one "Monster." (Acrylic and newsprint on cardboard...) Posted by Picasa

The envelope in which "Bertrand Sings the Hits" was mailed to Laura Barletta, a regular contributor to The M.A.R.S. Project... (See below for a link!) Posted by Picasa

Another care package (that got a little out of control...) Posted by Picasa

An envelope ghostie... Posted by Picasa

A package I sent containing a CD-mix and a couple issues of Phantom Conversation. Posted by Picasa