Friday, June 24, 2005

025: Summer Sucks...

Other than the cool anniversary trip that Mariah and I took, this summer has turned out to be a not-fun-thing for me... Because this is a public blog I won't go into the particulars, but let's just say I'm not exactly in the best of moods right now... Now I have to go get ready for work... (Ugh...)

I can't wait to get back to school... where I belong...

For two days (one night) Mariah and I made our way to the beach (without kids... for the first time in about eight years) to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary... We stayed at The Best Western Oceanview Resort in Seaside, Oregon... We ate where we wanted, avoided going on overpriced rides and buying cotton candy, and we both recognized how... QUIET... it is without the kids... It was quite fun... (This logo came from a paper thing that I used as a bookmark while we were away...) Posted by Hello

Moose Munch from Harry and David... I don't quite understand why, but Mariah LOVES this shop... Ummm... Yeah... Posted by Hello

This place had a cool radio station playing with lots of rockin' new wave cuts... (And now I can't recall what ANY of the rockin' songs were, but they were neato...) Posted by Hello

This weird scan is from a box that the checkout lady gave me (for free) at The Tenth Muse bookstore in Seaside, Oregon... The cartoons on the box are from Edward Gorey's "The Epileptic Bicycle." I bought several cool books from that shop... Posted by Hello

Got this when we checked out on Sunday morning... I think it's part of a coupon or deal-thing... I'm not really sure... Posted by Hello

The second day of our anniversary trip we drove north to Long Beach (mostly to hit Marsh's Free Museum and buy some knick knack's for the kids... But I love postcards, so we grabbed some of those too...) Posted by Hello

The back of the Long Beach postcard... Posted by Hello

One of two Marsh's Museum postcards that Mariah and I bought in Long Beach on Sunday, June 19th... Posted by Hello

The back of the first postcard... Posted by Hello

The second Marsh's postcard... Posted by Hello

The back of the second Marsh's Museum postcard... Posted by Hello

A Jake button... Posted by Hello

A Jake the Alligator Man stretched penny... Posted by Hello

Mariah and I bought t-shirts for the girls in Long Beach as well... Posted by Hello

A visor constructed for me by my older daughter Frankie... That's right: #1!!! Posted by Hello

This is the decorated envelope from the father's day card I got from my older daughter Frankie... Posted by Hello

A father's day card to me from my daughter Ellie... Posted by Hello

This is a picture I drew in my notebook on 11 May 2005... I think it's funny... Posted by Hello

An old abstract picture painted by my younger daughter Ellie... Posted by Hello

A package that I sent to Mr. Yates for father's day... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

UFO Museum: Part 1... Below this decorative envelope you will find a collection of business cards, post cards, and documents sent to The M.A.R.S. Project from the UFO Museum of Portland, OR. Prepare to BELIEVE!!!! Posted by Hello

UFO Museum: Part 2 Posted by Hello

UFO Museum: Part 3 Posted by Hello

UFO Museum: Part 4 Posted by Hello

UFO Museum: Part 5 Posted by Hello